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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
Archived: International Management of Internet Resources

Rob Blokzijl (RIPE)

Etisalat IPv6 Infrastructure
EMirates Internet eXchange
TLD Mapping for the Arabic Domain Name System

Abstract:This paper proposes for the first time a solution to the TLD choice problem in Arabic. It is suggested to Map the full length word for the TLD and the postal short code to combine the advantages of preserving the correctness of the language and the ease of typing. Folding for the full length words is further recommended.

Arabic Domain Names

Abstract: This presentation discusses the issues for Supporting the Arabic language in domain names and offers some recommendations regarding the accepted Arabic character set to be used in Arabic domain names, as well as some recommendations concerning the appropriate Arabic generic and country code top-level domain names (i.e., Arabic gTLDs and ccTLDs).

Internationalisation of Domain Names

Abstract: The presentation is about the standardisation efforts surrounding Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), which is a way to support in the Domain Name System (DNS) character sets other than the English character set.

Domain Management - An introduction to CENTR

Abstract: The presentation will give an overview about the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries: structure, organization and work. Around 50 ccTLD registries and others are organized in CENTR. What is the goal of CENTR, what are the processes for consensus building and what are the future plans?

K-root Nameserver Operations

The RIPE NCC has operated one of the 13 DNS root servers - nameserver since 1997. To improve the regional distribution, resiliency and performance of the root name service provided by the k.root-server, the RIPE NCC have begun an effort to deploy mirror instances of the K-root service throughout its service region using anycast routing. Abstract: The presentation starts with an overview of the root server system and then describes the server in more detail. It will focus specifically on the deployment of mirror instances of the server, its current status and future plans.

Registration Services and Updates

Abstract:This presentation will be a report on the services requested by RIPE NCC Members in the Middle East region and a break down of the Internet number resources that have been allocated to them.

IPv6 Update

Abstract: This presentation will provide an overview and detailed statistics of IPv6 allocations in the RIPE NCC service region and specifically the Middle East.