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Presentations by: Chris Buckridge

Presentation Resilience Under Pressure - ENISA Telecom Security Forum
Event ENISA Telecom Security Forum
Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 29 June 2022
Author Chris Buckridge

Presentation DNS4EU - APNIC 53
Event APNIC 53
Location Online
Date 28 February 2022
Author Chris Buckridge

Presentation Maintaining a Unique Global Network: IP Addressing - EuroDIG 2021
Event EuroDIG 2021
Location Online
Date 28 June 2021
Author Chris Buckridge

Presentation IPv6: Update, Outreach and Capacity Building
Event ICANN Meeting
Location Prague
Date 28 June 2012
Authors Andrea Cima, Chris Buckridge

Presentation Roundtable Goals and RIPE Community Concerns
Location Brussels
Date 21 February 2012
Author Chris Buckridge

Presentation IPv6, Act Now!
Event Norwegian IPv6 Meeting
Location Oslo
Date 28 October 2010
Authors Chris Buckridge, Alex Band

Presentation IPv6 Developments in the RIPE NCC Service Region
Event Australian IPv6 Summit
Location Paris, France
Date December 2009
Author Chris Buckridge