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Nigel Titley Biography

The biography of Nigel Titley, RIPE NCC Executive Board Secretary.

I graduated from Oxford University in Engineering Science and Economics, more years ago than I care to remember, and started work at British Telecom's research labs in Martlesham Heath in Suffolk, UK, where I worked for a number of years on several different projects, eventually gravitating towards the new-fangled Internet protocol in the late 1980s. I played a part in the bringing of the Internet to the UK, and Europe, by arranging for BT to be a substantial player in the early days and by designing and operating the first (unofficial) BT email relay, shifting email between BT's internal systems and the Internet.

After helping to design and operate BT's first commercial Internet service I left to design and oversee the applications services (DNS, Email, NTP and Usenet news) in Level 3's new European network. The advent of ethernet over IP led to my becoming one of the founders of PacketExchange, a company which set out to exploit the technology.

From there I went on to become peering manager for FLAG Telecom and then finally to Easynet, where I remained until early 2014. My current job involves the development of my long-time small business designing and selling environmental logging equipment and specialist electronic components. On the way I found time to help found the London InterNet eXchange (LINX) and serve on its board for 12 years, to found Nominet (the UK registry), to act as co-chair for the RIPE Database Working Group, to launch 6UK (an organisation dedicated to encouraging IPv6 use by businesses in the UK), and, of course, to serve on the RIPE NCC Executive Board, where I am currently the Secretary and which takes roughly two days a week of my time. I have been active in the RIPE community for many years, having co-authored a number of policy proposals related to transfer policy, fair run-out, certification, and recovery and re-use of IPv4 resources.

As I am now effectively my own boss I can dedicate whatever time I feel appropriate to serving the Internet community and I intend to continue to help in whatever way I can.