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Christian Kaufmann

The biography of Christian Kaufmann, RIPE NCC Executive Board Chairman.

Christian studied Computer Science at the Georg-Simon-Ohm-Fachhochschule in Nuremberg and during his undergraduate years he started his own ISP and web design company. He holds a Master of Science in Advanced Networking at The Open University, which is the first of its kind in the world.

Christian had several consultant and operational roles for local ISPs before he moved on to managerial roles for international companies, including Technical Operations Manager for Cable & Wireless and GNOC Manager at Easynet. This led to an interest in peering and interconnection, and he transitioned to Global IP Peering Manager for TeliaSonera, where he managed the peering connections for a global transit-free network.

Simultaneously, he engaged himself in the community. For instance, he joined the AMS-IX Executive Board, where he served for six years, three of them as the Chairman, and co-founded FranceIX. He is currently the President of the Board at France-IX. Since June 2014, he also serves as a Member of the Netnod Board.

He is also very active in the RIPE community, where he has attended every meeting for several years and is Co-Chair of the RIPE MAT WG. In the last four years, Christian served on the RIPE NCC Executive Board as Secretary and since 2018 is the Executive Board Chairman. He introduced new processes and KPI for the board and the management and also took on the responsibility to sponsor the RIPE Atlas, RIPE Database resiliency and the K-Root expansion projects. Overall, Christian looks back to more then ten years of uninterrupted board experience in various organisations.

Currently, he is Vice President of Network Technology at Akamai Technologies where he manages a department with four global teams. Akamai has graciously allowed him time to work on these community projects, and he has agreed to do the same for RIPE.

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