[bcop] Suggestions for top-10 IPv6 issues that trigger residentialusers to call helpdesk

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Tue Sep 10 09:28:23 CEST 2013

On 9/9/13 3:43 PM, 马严 wrote:
> Agree on these issues as listed below, with added a few, including
> security concern, DHCP, ... :
>   - Addressing issues( DHCP issue may belong to this)
> - DNS issues
> - Firewall issues
> - Tunneling issues
> - Transition mechanisms issues
> - Happy eyeballs issues
> - Why avoiding at all cost saying “if you have issues just disable IPv6”
> - Security issue
> - less supporting software/solutions, like accounting/management/trouble
> shooting softwares...

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

What we need is to break down this areas and find actual cases and 
situations for each bullet above.

like: "users host configures IPv6 address from RA sent from router, but 
there is no further IPv6 connectivity between CPE and ISP" - and the 
procedure how to detect that and how to fix that

or: "I can get to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, (list other
dual-stack sites) but not Amazon, eBay (other IPv4-only sites)."
Troubleshooting:  Try www.test-ipv6.com, what do you see there (and move 
forward through procedure flowchart)

The main goal of the document is to push/move forward the IPv6 
implementation towards end-users and this inability for technical folk 
to deliver a simple IPv6 description/script/information to helpdesk 
manager is creating psychological impediment to move things forward.

For example - a fire-alarm procedures. We don't have to know how fire 
works, what the temperatures are, how fire extinguisher works, how the 
dust that comes out of it affects the flame and so on and so on...

We need simple instructions "in case of fire or visible flame, go down 
the stairs, find red cylindrical thing on the wall, read instructions 
how to use it and point towards fire. If fire don't go away, call fire 
brigade at number XXX (second level support)"

No RA,DHCPv6,PD,etc... just simple clear instructions how to determine 
if the problem is because of IPv6 issue, locate the issue (for example 
go to test-ipv6.com, what do you see... ah, in this case do [that]...) 
and move forward through the procedure.

Cheers, Jan

"Engineering is always positive in results..." N. Tesla

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