[bcop] Suggestions for top-10 IPv6 issues that trigger residential users to call helpdesk

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Mon Sep 9 10:56:57 CEST 2013

Dear BCOP group ;)

I'm trying to put together a list of (at least) top-10 
problems/situations/issues on IPv6 that annoys the end user to the point 
that he calls operators helpdesk and claims that "internet is not working".

What are possible issues, that a guy at helpdesk will encounter and the 
IPv6 could be the cause?

What can go wrong?

The areas that I identified are:

- Addressing issues
- DNS issues
- Firewall issues
- Tunneling issues
- Transition mechanisms issues
- Happy eyeballs issues
- Why avoiding at all cost saying “if you have issues just disable IPv6”

Any suggestions and ideas in building top-10 or top-15 most common 
issues would be greatly appreciated.

As this document is aiming to document the best current operational 
practice for the operator, I'll also ask for suggestions the IPv6 
working group (if the chairs will permit me to do so) and maybe gain 
some more interested experts to join our (for now) small group.

Cheers, Jan

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