[bcop] BCOP BoF at RIPE67 in Athens

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Mon Sep 2 10:33:43 CEST 2013

Dear BCOP "crowd" :)

We got the BCOP BoF accepted for RIPE67 in Athens, with a note that we 
would like to have it on Monday after the "BCOP updates" lightning talk, 
where I'll do a short update on the BCOP activities around the world and 
some identified topics that came out of discussion on this mailing list 
(and also some others).

I would like to announce with great pleasure, that Benno Overeinder from 
NLNET Labs volunteered and made a step forward to help with BCOP 
activity in RIPE community - so he'll do the ligtning talk with me and 
co-run the BCOP BoF in Athens.

We have a small web page with some information about BCOPs around the world:


...and a list of some identified topics:


Now we need to start drafting some of this documents. Pick the topic and 
draft a "table of content", send it to the list and ask for co-authors. 

I'll start the draft titled "Basic IPv6 troubleshooting for helpdesks 
around the world" document, that would bring the ISPs a simple template 
with some generic information that their helpdesk should know about when 
they put IPv6 in production. Document should be really just a start with 
"add-your-own-specifics" in mind.

I think this should remove the next speedbump in IPv6 deployment, I have 
the same feeling like I had when I started a document, that later became 
RIPE-501 and RIPE-554.

Would anyone like to help me with this?

I would also like to suggest that we have some short presentations of 
ideas of BCOP documents in Athens - but we need to start doing something 
prior to that - and we have less than 2 months to do something.

Cheers, Jan Zorz

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