[bcop] DNS open resolver BCP

Blake Willis blake at l33.fr
Wed Oct 16 11:41:17 CEST 2013

Greetings BCOP list,

Sitting here in the DNS WG at RIPE67, it seems like a key task for the
BCOP project is creating a repository (or pointers) to getting one's
DNS servers properly configured & secured (the largest sources of DNS
amp/reflection traffic are the networks with the least clue, & the
least-deployed BCP38).  There are certainly plenty of resources out
there (including vendor documentation) but
"google.com/search?q=DNS+open+resolver+BCP" isn't particularly
conclusive.  I feel the task at hand is really more of an education
campaign than a technical problem...

Best regards,
Blake Willis
Network Architecture Consultant & Co-Founder
L33 Networks
blake at l33 dot fr

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