[bcop] BCOP BoF in Athens

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Sat Oct 12 11:24:50 CEST 2013

Good people on BCOP at RIPE mailing list ;)

In Athens we have scheduled a BCOP BoF on monday at 18h, after the 
plenary part of RIPE meeting ends - this time the BoF will be "lead" by 
Benno Overeinder and myself. Thnx Benno for volunteering :)

Benno and myself will do the lightning talk update on BCOP activities 
around the world on the same day at around 17h during the plenary, so be 
there to learn what's going on globally.

You are all invited to attend the BoF, we'll discuss many interesting 
things and initiatives for operational documents. We identified some 
topics and some people already started doing some work.

I'll present the beta-preview-draft of the document titled "Generic IPv6 
troubleshooting procedures for helpdesks around the world", with 
contributors and co-authors Lee Howard, John Jason Brzozowski, David 
Freedman, Jason Fesler, Tim Chown, Sander Steffann, Chris Grundemann and 

We'll also discuss the proposal from Andrei Robachevsky (ISOC) of 
creating a routing code of conduct, an interesting initiative to make 
Internet better. We might get Nick Hilliard interested to talk about BGP 
operational practices at IXP and so on.

If anyone is interested in participating and presenting the work on the 
operational document that is being done - more than welcome to send an 
email to Benno or me.

See you all on Monday afternoon in Athens, join us and bring everyone 
that is interested in operational practices.

Cheers, Jan Zorz

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