[bcop] First email to BCOP discussion list...

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Sun Jun 16 17:19:52 CEST 2013

Hi all,

Finally we have a mailing list (thnx to staff @RIPE-NCC) that we 
identified as one of the first next steps at BOF in Dublin RIPE meeting.

Please send emails to: bcop at ripe.net

This is the place, where we can discuss how to move forward with the 
Best Current Operational Practices work, how to maybe move it forward 
towards more official status, who is willing to participate and start 
the documents - but first of all - we agreed that we need to identify 
the topics of discussion.

First few that I heard were:

- source addr antispoofing operational practices
- peering good practices
- how to implement IPv6 at ISP (different network types and flavors)
- DNSsec how-to and practices

I would like to invite all to send suggestions so we can identify the 
topics - and then we can see later where we can start some effort and 
form a groups that would start producing a documentation.

Thank you all for participating at BOF, we are aiming for another BOF in 
Athens (this time with beer and chips in the room, as the BOF should be :) )

Cheers, Jan Zorz

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