[bcop] First email to BCOP discussion list...

Jan Zorz - ISOC zorz at isoc.org
Wed Jul 24 11:35:22 CEST 2013

On 7/19/13 3:10 PM, Alex Saroyan wrote:
> Hi,
> I think BCOP regarding BGP configuration can be interesting for many
> companies especially covering topic about "community controlled
> policies/route-maps for BGP"


thnx for a great suggestion.

Added to the list of identified topics:


One of the much needed documents that I heard of lately is also:

"IPv6 basics and troubleshooting for helpdesks around the world"

It should be some sort of lowest-common-denominator document of common 
issues helpdesks around the world are encountering and used as a 
template to translate it and use it.

I see this as a next speed-bump in IPv6 deployment, as operations 
configures and tests the IPv6-everything, but then the company is afraid 
of "releasing it into the wild" because of fear of helpdesk not being 
able to cope with it.

Should I add it as one of the topics?

I submitted the lightning-talk and BOF proposal to RIPE PC for Athens 
meeting, hope to see you all there to move this process a step forther 
towards some results.

Cheers, Jan

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