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Henrik Lund Kramshøj hlk at solido.net
Tue Jul 9 14:20:59 CEST 2013

On 09/07/2013, at 13.01, Jan Zorz - ISOC <zorz at isoc.org> wrote:

> On 7/8/13 3:22 PM, Henrik Lund Kramshøj wrote:
>> In no particular order, and based on stuff I do myself.
>> ...
>> I wonder if testing is also part of this?
>> *) How to test your network performance, recommending some starting
>> point for common testing inside networks, in my end of the world it
>> seems to be iperf and smokeping that rules the land. I was pretty
>> inspired by Jen Linkova at the RIPE65 meeting talking about creating
>> stacked packet for testing MPLS
> That is a good topic, that should be documented - and also reminds me of another one - how to measure and understand the global visibility/performance of your network.
> Many people don't entirely understand, that visibility from the Internet is an issue - they connect to upstreams, announce their resources and live happily ever after.
> Nice, practical and clear document on how to measure their visibility from other parts of the world would also help many people.
> Adding Job Sneiders to cc: (not sure he's on the mailinglist), Job would you be interested in adding some experience on this topic (or maybe even start a BCOP document?)?

I am not sure it belongs here, would be nice to have a list of this though.
Off the top of my head, we use the following external resources to demonstrate visibility:

https://stat.ripe.net/ - with all the nice widgets for embedding etc.

Cyclops BGP 


http://routeviews.org/ and http://bgplay.routeviews.org/ - note bgplay is also integrated into RIPEstat 

traceroute.org - I use this less now that http://RING.nlnog.org has expanded so nicely, but for non-ring-users

pingdom (has no IPv6, and it really is becoming a problem, where to monitor IPv6 services from outside?)

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