RIPE NCC Training Course Material

Table of Contents

  • LIR Training Course
    The "Local Internet Registry Training Course" is a one-day introduction to administrative procedures and policies related to obtaining and distributing Internet resources (i.e. IP addresses, AS numbers) and operating a Local Internet Registry (LIR)
  • Basic IPv6 Training Course
    The "IPv6 for LIRs Training Course" is a one-day course about the need for IPv6 and includes basic information on how to plan your deployment.
  • Advanced IPv6 Training Course 
  • RIPE Database Training Course
    The "RIPE Database Course" is one day practical course with lots of hands-on exercises about the RIPE Database: Creating objects, protecting your objects, querying the RIPE Database, hierarchical authorisation, reverse DNS delegation.
  • Routing Security Training Course
    The "Routing Security Training Course" is an introduction course covering the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) usage, related tools and Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL).
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Training Courses

LIR Training Course


  1. Route Object Creation Flowchart - Step 1
  2. Route Object Creation Flowchart - Step 2
  3. CIDR Chart - IPv4
  4. CIDR Chart - IPv6
  5. RIPE NCC Glossary

Basic IPv6 Training Course

Advanced IPv6 Training Course

RIPE Database Training Course


Routing Security Training Course

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