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FAQ: Legacy Internet Resources

Show or Hide answer Can I register my legacy Internet resources with an LIR?

The RIPE community has accepted the policy proposal 2012-07, "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders". The RIPE NCC will start implementing this policy by contacting all legacy Internet resource holders to determine whether they'd like a direct or indirect contractual relationship with us. We plan to start in Q3 2014. Legacy Internet resource holders will have several options available to them, including engaging with the RIPE NCC through a sponsoring LIR (see section 2.0). 

Show or Hide answer How can I update organisation data for legacy Internet resources?
What to do if you are the holder of legacy Internet resources but the legal organisation name and details have changed since the registration was transferred to the RIPE Registry.

Please email legacy AT ripe DOT net and provide the following:

1. Documentation proving the transition from the original resource holder to the current one.
This can be a network takeover agreement signed between the original and the current holder.

2. The company registration document of the current holder.
If the holder does not have a public registration you can provide an official government paper (gazette), country law or a signed statement confirming their legal entity.

For more details on the company registration document please see:

Show or Hide answer Can I transfer my legacy Internet resources to another RIR's registry?
I am already a member of another RIR and want to transfer my resources to their registry.

There are no inter-RIR resource transfers possible right now. Legacy Internet resources were transferred to the RIPE NCC from the IANA's central registry according to the location of its legal contact organisation at the time. All legacy resource holders were contacted when the resources were transferred from the ARIN registry.

Show or Hide answer What is the “RIPE Registry”?

The RIPE Registry has two components:

  • The public RIPE Database (whois)
  • The internal records that the RIPE NCC maintains that contains information about the legitimate holder of Internet number resources distributed in the RIPE NCC service region.


You can read more about the background of the RIPE Registry and the RIPE NCC's responsibilities as an RIR in ripe-508, "The RIPE Registry".

Show or Hide answer What documents show "proof of holdership"?

If the legacy resource holder has changed over a period of time, it is necessary to show evidence of this. This can be shown in several ways:


  • For public organisation: A statement from the government in your country that confirms that the company ownership changed. (e.g. official gazette or journal, etc.)
  • For private organisation:  A statement from the government in your country that confirms that the company ownership changed. (e.g. Chamber of Commerce)
  • Any acquisition, merger, donation, or fragmentation documentation signed by all parties involved
  • You can attach the document as a PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG or TIF.
Show or Hide answer Can I transfer my legacy Internet resources to another organisation within the RIPE NCC service region?

Yes. Legacy Internet resources can be transferred within the RIPE NCC service region. The RIPE NCC can help to update the registration information in the RIPE Database to reflect the new holder of the legacy Internet resources, so long as it is clear who is the legitimate holder.

Before organising a transfer of legacy Internet resources either the transferring or recipient organisation is encouraged to contact the RIPE NCC to seek clarification on the processes and policies that apply. We encourage all stakeholders to read ripe-605 "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Resource Holders" as implementation of this policy will start in 2014. Both members and non-members can contact the RIPE NCC by emailing .