Transfer FAQs

Show or Hide answer Do I need to be a member of the RIPE NCC to receive an IPv4 transfer?

For the most part, yes. The receiving organisation will need to be a member in the case of:

  • A transfer of allocated Provider Aggregatable (PA) space from another LIR
  • A transfer of PA space through a merger or acquisition (though the receiving party may become a member as the transfer is processed)


There are cases where the recipient of transferred space will not need to be a member:

  • In the case of a merger or acquisition where the organisation receiving PI space has a sponsoring LIR
Show or Hide answer Can I transfer IPv4 space in/out of the RIPE NCC service region?

No. Inter-RIR transfers are not allowed under current RIPE policies.

The proposed "Policy for Inter-RIR Transfers of IPv4 Address Space" would allow for transfers between RIRs with reciprocal policies if it is adopted.

Show or Hide answer How can I find someone offering/seeking IPv4 address space?

While it is up to LIRs to arrange their own transfers, the RIPE NCC has developed a listing service for its members to advertise the resources they are offering/seeking.

LIRs are under no obligation to use the service, and may arrange transfers independently.

Show or Hide answer How long will it take to approve a transfer?

It is difficult to give an exact timeframe, as it will depend on the type of transfer and the amount of additional documentation required. However, we will do our best to process any transfers as soon as possible.

Show or Hide answer Can Provider Independent (PI) space be transferred?

Transfers of Provider Independent (PI) IPv4 address space are not possible under current RIPE Policies. However, in the case of a merger or acquisition, the registration of these resources can be updated to reflect the new holder of these resources. This is explained further in the mergers and acquisitions section.

Show or Hide answer Is there a cost for processing a transfer?

No. The RIPE NCC processes transfers as a service to its members.

Show or Hide answer I have questions about legacy space, who can I contact?

If you have any questions about transferring or registering legacy space, you can call +31 20 535 4455 or email legacy _at_ ripe _dot_ net.