FAQ: Resource Requests

Show or Hide answer According to the IP Resource Analyst (IPRA), my request is not yet complete. Am I required to send a completely new request form?

No. The IPRA will indicate the incomplete information. The IPRAs prefer you to provide the necessary information attached underneath the text of the message you receive.

Show or Hide answer Why does the RIPE NCC require so much detailed information about my network?

The RIPE NCC is bound to ensure that address space, which is a shared public resource, is managed responsibly in this region and used in accordance with the policies and practices that have been developed to protect the health of the Internet and the conservation of its resources.

Therefore, the RIPE NCC needs detailed information so that it can properly evaluate your request.

The information is essential in enabling the RIPE NCC to determine whether your plans are based on best current practice and consistent with the goals of global Internet management.

Show or Hide answer How do I determine what counts as my infrastructure, and what is considered to be a customer's network?

IP addresses used solely to connect an end-user to a provider's network can be counted as part of the provider's infrastructure. They can be registered to the provider in the RIPE Database as part of a single aggregated block within their allocated IP space.

For example: a point-to-point link between a provider and an end-user's network could be registered to the provider. However, IP addresses used by an end-user for their own network need to be registered to that end-user.

This means that if a provider has an access router with 64 ports for connecting customer leased lines and they want to use a /30 network for point-to-point links for each leased line, they could register the network as a single /24 assignment. However, should the customer have a /30 network on their side of the router this would need to be registered to the end-user in the database.


Show or Hide answer Do I have to provide the planned usage of my network to get a /22 of IPv4 address space

Yes. To obtain your one time /22 IPv4 allocation, you must demonstrate that you need the space and you must have already requested an IPv6 allocation.

The RIPE NCC has begun to allocate IPv4 address space from the last /8. This means that section 5.6 of “IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region” is now in effect.

Show or Hide answer Can I split up assignments? How?

In many cases it's no problem to split assignments. You can create two (or more) new objects for the parts you want to seperate, and delete the original object afterwards. When your assignment is approved by the RIPE NCC, please keep in mind that assignments are only valid as long as the original assignment criteria does not change.

It is NOT permitted to split approved assignments for other organizations, or to split them for other purposes than they were approved for. When splitting an approved assignment, please keep the original approved netname for all objects. The assignments are only valid as long as the netnames in the database match EXACTLY the approved netname. If you change one or more of the netnames, or if you are unsure, please contact hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Show or Hide answer Can I combine assignments? How?

If you make a new assignment for the same organization with the same netname, it is permisible to combine the objects.

You can create one new object for the whole range, and delete the original object(s) for the smaller range(s). Please note that if you received approvals from the RIPE NCC for your assignments, the netname in the database needs to match EXACTLY the netnames that were approved, and the first changed line date must be on or later than the most current approval date. If one or more of the netnames are changed, or if you are unsure, please contact hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Show or Hide answer I have just received approval for my IP request. Do I have to inform the RIPE NCC on which IP range I am going to assign to this network ?

No, there is no need to inform the RIPE NCC on the IP range you choose. The RIPE NCC only keeps a record of the approved netname and the size of the approved IP request.

As long as you don't increase the size of the assignment or change the netname the assignment will remain valid. This means if you ever were re-organising your allocation, you can move an approved network to another part of your allocation without having to inform us.

Show or Hide answer I received approval for my assignment but you tell me that the INETNUM object is invalid. What went wrong?

The most likely cause of the problem is that the netname was changed without informing 22hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net%22">hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net - or the inetnum object(s) have a first changed date prior to the date of approval.

As an example, if you had a /24 Assignment Window and requested a /21 from us for "NATIONAL-MEGAPOP" we would expect to see a /21 entry in the database for "NATIONAL-MEGAPOP" on or after the date of approval.

If you had changed the design and entered two /22 netnames: "MEGAPOP-NORTH" and "MEGAPOP-SOUTH" into the database five days prior to approval we would see errors based on the following criteria:

  • Assignments exceed your Assignment Window
  • Assignments have a different netname than was approved
  • Assignments entered into the database before approval was granted

If you want to change a netname approved then reply to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net in the same ticket as the approval with details of the change you will make.

Show or Hide answer When can I request an additional IPv4 allocation?

When approximately 80% of your existing IPv4 allocation is in use, you may request a one time /22 (1,024 IPv4 addresses) allocation, even if you can justify a larger allocation. This /22 allocation will only be made if you have already received an IPv6 allocation from an upstream LIR or the RIPE NCC.


Please note that you have to be a RIPE NCC member to receive the /22 IPv4 allocation.

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Show or Hide answer What are the criteria for obtaining an AS number?

RFC 1930 states: "An AS is only needed when you have a routing policy which is different from that of your border gateway peers".

This means that you will be connecting to two or more Autonomous Systems with different routing policies.

In your request you must show us details of the routing policy you will have when you multi-home in the very near future.

The template(s) you need to complete are found in the "RIPE NCC Autonomous System Number Request Form", which is located at:


More information can be found in the RIPE Document "Autonomous System (AS) Number Assignment Policies and Procedures" available at:


Show or Hide answer How do I request an AS Number?

The template you need to complete is found in the RIPE Document "RIPE NCC Autonomous System Number Request Form", which is located at:


AS Numbers need to be requested through LIRs.

Send the template to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Do not forget to include your RegID.

Show or Hide answer Now that our request is approved, who will enter the assignment-object in the database?

The LIR should enter the inetnum in the database, after receiving the approval message from the RIPE NCC.

"Each assignment and allocation for public Internet address space must be registered in a publicly accessible whois database. Allocations and assignments in the RIPE NCC service region are registered in the RIPE Database. This is necessary to ensure uniqueness and to support network operations".

Show or Hide answer My request has bounced, what have I done wrong?

There may be several reasons why your request was bounced. The bounce message should contain additional information as to the kind of bounce, e.g. a NOSERVICEBOUNCE or a NOREGIDBOUNCE.

Further information about what these mean and how to correct the problem can be found in the "auto-mailbox Help Page" at:


Show or Hide answer I am not happy with the way my request has been evaluated. What can I do?

The RIPE NCC has an internal escalation procedure for handling concerns about the way your request has been handled. You can ask for any request to be escalated by sending an email to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net and quoting the relevant NCC# ticket number. Your request will then be reviewed and assessed by senior staff.

If your concern is of a more serious nature, please refer to the RIPE NCC's Conflict Arbitration Procedure.