Converting PI Assignments to PA Allocations for LIRs

RIPE NCC members can convert their IPv4 PI assignments into IPv4 PA allocations if they wish. Members can send an email to lir-help _at_ ripe _dot_ net to make this request.

Assignments can be converted into allocations if:


IPv4 PI assignments consisting of multiple prefixes can be split on request and then converted into allocations, provided each of them meet the criteria above.

Members should contact the RIPE NCC if the registration data for an assignment needs to be updated due to a change in the company structure, for example in the case of a merger or acquisition.

The minimum allocation size limitation is currently being addressed by the RIPE Policy proposal 2014-01, “Abandoning the Minimum Allocation Size for IPv4”. The RIPE NCC will be able to convert PI assignments of any size if this proposal is accepted by the RIPE community.