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What legal documents do I need when I sign up for services?

Your authorised representative will need to sign and return one copy of the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement.

We will also need to see proof that your business is registered with the authorities in your country. We will usually ask you to send us a copy of an extract from the commercial trade register (or equivalent) in your country.

If you cannot supply this, we will also accept the following documents as proof:

  • A copy of a founding document or charter signed by an authorised person
  • For academic institutions, a signed extract from the official journal of laws from your country
  • For ministries, an official declaration on company letterhead signed by an authorised person, declaring the status and existence of the institute
  • For individual applications, a copy of your passport

We prefer to receive these documents in English. However, we will accept them in your local language if an English version is not available.