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Tax Information

The RIPE NCC is an association registered in the Netherlands and is subject to Dutch Tax Laws.

The RIPE NCC is subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Netherlands and, due to an agreement with the Dutch Tax Authority, is not subject to Corporate Income Tax (CIT).

You can find more information about this agreement in the "RIPE NCC Clearing House Procedure".

The following VAT rules apply for service fees:

Non EU members No VAT in the Netherlands
EU members with a VAT number No VAT in the Netherlands (VAT is taxable in the country of origin of the member)
EU members without VAT number VAT taxable in the Netherlands
Dutch members VAT taxable in the Netherlands

Official Certificates About the RIPE NCC VAT Capacity

The following documents are available for download in PDF format.


2013 Forms



        Please note that the RIPE NCC does not interfere with the local tax regulations of the member's country of origin.