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The RIPE NCC performs audits of the Local Internet Registry (LIR) contact data and the resource registration data maintained by the LIRs. This includes data in the RIPE Database. The audit activity supports the consistent and fair application of RIPE community policies. Impartiality and confidentiality are given high priority.


The RIPE NCC will request an LIR under audit to:

  • Check and update information in internal registry file
  • Fix overlapping assignments
  • Check if approved assignments are still active
  • Check if independent resources are active
  • Check the validity of netnames


A major part of the activity is focused on helping LIRs understand and comply with RIPE policies and procedures. The RIPE NCC discusses any issues with the LIR involved and assists the LIR to comply with the procedures and policies. LIRs under audit are given the support needed to successfully resolve any issues and complete the audit.

An LIR under audit is required to cooperate with the RIPE NCC during this process. If an LIR is not able to comply or to fulfill agreements reached with the RIPE NCC, the following conditions may be imposed:

  • The LIR's Assignment Window may be lowered to provide increased feedback from the RIPE NCC on their requests.
  • The RIPE NCC may reduce the size of an allocation of a new block of addresses to a LIR under audit.
  • An LIR may be closed in extreme cases. For example, when an LIR is not able to comply with the RIPE community policies or the Terms and Conditions of the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement. An LIR may also be closed if after making all reasonable efforts the RIPE NCC is not able to contact the LIR for an extended period of time.

Results of the Audit

Once the audit is complete, the RIPE NCC will send the LIR a complete report of the issues processed and the resolutions. The RIPE NCC also maintains anonymous statistics on the results of audits. These statistics include the type of issues found but do not identify any LIR specifically. Specific information is kept in strict confidence.

Be Proactive

The RIPE NCC IP Resource Analysts (IPRA) possess audit tools that can provide you with database inconsistency information upon request. LIRs are encouraged to request this information and be aware of database inconsistencies before requesting new address space. This will facilitate and speed up the process of IP address space allocation.