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IPv6 Deployment Panel at ICANN Meeting, Lisbon
YouTube Hijacking: A RIPE NCC RIS case study

On Sunday, 24 February 2008, Pakistan Telecom (AS17557) started an unauthorised announcement of the prefix One of Pakistan Telecom's upstream providers, PCCW Global (AS3491) forwarded this announcement to the rest of the Internet, which resulted in the hijacking of YouTube traffic on a global scale.

IANA Introduces AAAA Record For K-root
RIPE NCC Participating in OECD Working Party on IP Addresses
RIPE NCC Makes Record Number of IPv6 Allocations
The RIPE NCC to Sign the (ENUM) Zone
RIPE Community Resolution on IPv4 Depletion and Deployment of IPv6
ASO AC Elections: Hans Petter Holen Elected
2007 Nominations for Representatives to the ASO Address Council - RIPE NCC Region
RIPE NCC Awarded Special Status from United Nations