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The Internet Technical Community Issues Memorandum on the Future of the Internet in a Global Economy

Members of the Internet technical community have gathered from across the globe to share knowledge and perspective on how best to safeguard Internet development and innovation with attendees of the OECD Ministerial.

2007 Nominations for Representatives to the ASO Address Council - RIPE NCC Region
Verio Renamed NTTCOM in RIPE Database
Call for RIPE NCC Executive Board Nominations
RIPE Database CRYPT-PW Deprecation Project
RIPE NCC Accepting Requests for 32-bit Autonomous System Numbers
Test Server for 32-bit Autonomous System Numbers
RIPE Database and DNS Management Update
Removal of specific records of personal contact information

In accordance with developments in personal data privacy issues and the discussions during the RIPE Database Working Group during the RIPE 39 meeting in Bologna, the RIPE NCC will be carrying out a removal of certain specific records of personal contact information from the RIPE Database.

Announcing the "RIPE NCC Announce" List