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Changes to the ripe-dbm and auto-dbm acknowledgments

After 24 March, acknowledgments will be sent to all incoming mails sent to This feature was requested by the RIPE community during a recent RIPE Meeting.

Real Progress for DNS Security

Internet Systems Consortium, NLnet Labs and RIPE NCC begin interoperability work

New Instance of DNS Root Server Makes Internet History
E-mail Client Testing for S/MIME
Change of Minumum IPv4 Allocation Size
RIPE Database - Redirecting reverse DNS updates
RIPE Database Deprecation of "cross-nfy:" and "cross-mnt:" attribute
ISC Announces Start of OARC Operations

RIPE NCC working with ISC to protect the Internet's global Domain Name System (DNS)

IPv4 Address Space: October 2003

There have been press articles posted over the past year that make statements about the remaining pool of IPv4 address space. A recent article states there is a shortage and that Internet Protocol Numbers will run out some time in the year 2005.

The Number Resource Organization (NRO)

The Number Resource Organization (NRO)