World IPv6 Launch

Introduction to World IPv6 Launch

The World IPv6 Launch takes place on 6 June 2012 and follows on from the success of the World IPv6 Day that took place on 8 June 2011. 

World IPv6 Launch is a global event in which organisations around the world will enable their content or services over IPv6. As all of the RIPE NCC’s services and content have already been available over IPv6 for some time, we’ll be participating - as we did for the 2011 event - by extensively measuring World IPv6 Launch and contributing to local events.


  • IPv6 Launch MeasurementsRIPE NCC Measurements for World IPv6 Day
    For all measurements we will conduct for World IPv6 Day, please refer to RIPE NCC World IPv6 Launch Measurements.
    We will report any findings and present the statistics and analysis on the IPv6 Launch page on RIPE Labs.

  • IPv6 Eye Chart
    If you want to find out if you will have problems accessing websites both before and during World IPv6 day, you can use the IPv6 Eye Chart.

  • IPv6 Launch WidgetThe RIPEstat World IPv6 Launch Widget
    RIPEstat has a new DNS widget for World IPv6 Launch. The widget can be included in any website where you'd like viewers to be able to perform IPv6 (and IPv4) DNS lookups or view your site's DNS details. See the widget in action.

  • Testing IPv6 Reachability Using RIPE Atlas
    If you are a RIPE NCC member, you can test the reachability of your IPv6 (web)site from all IPv6-capable RIPE Atlas probes (currently more than 600).

  • IPv6 Launch LogoLocal IPv6 Launch Event in Amsterdam
    World IPv6 Launch will be celebrated at Science Park, Amsterdam. Tutorials, workshops and a panel session discussing the need for IPv6 will take place. Keynote speakers will also present and global IPv6 progress will be monitored and shown during the day. The event is co-organised by several Dutch research and ICT organisations (University of Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, Surfnet, NLnet Labs, RIPE NCC, AMS-IX, Internet Society Netherlands, the Dutch IPv6 Task Force and others).

World IPv6 Day 2011

RIPE NCC's involvement in World IPv6 Day 2011:

2011 Measurements: and

Local IPv6 Day event Amsterdam: