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IANA Stewardship Transition

NEWS: On 9 October 2014, an initial draft of a RIPE community proposal on IANA stewardship was published to the RIPE Cooperation Working Group:

RIPE Community IANA Stewardship Proposal [DRAFT]

The RIPE community asks the RIPE NCC to work with the other RIRs to produce a common proposal for a legally binding agreement (such as a Service Level Agreement) between ICANN and the RIRs to replace the Internet number-related elements of the ICANN-NTIA agreement.

This proposal should meet the requirements of the Request For Proposals (RFP) produced by the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).

The proposal should bring the provisions of the agreement related to the services and service levels up-to-date with current requirements where necessary.

This work should be coordinated with the other users of the IANA function as much as practical, with the aim of producing a proposed arrangement that is compatible with the proposed arrangements of the other IANA users.

The RIPE community asks the RIPE NCC and the other RIRs keep it informed about progress and content of the proposal.

The RIPE community asks the RIPE NCC to complete the proposal and to submit it to the ICG before 15 January 2015.


This text should not be regarded as final - it is intended to act as a basis for discussions over the coming weeks.

Please note:

  • Anyone is welcome to provide feedback on this proposal
  • All feedback should be submitted via the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list
  • Anyone can subscribe to the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list


There will also be a dedicated session at RIPE 69 in London on Thursday, 6 November, to discuss these issues. Remote participation will be available for those unable to be present.

The RIPE Cooperation Working Group will aim to finalise a RIPE proposal in early December.


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IANA Stewardship Transition News Items

RIPE Community Selects CRISP Team Members

Following an open call for community volunteers, the RIPE Chair, Hans Petter Holen, has confirmed the appointment of two individuals from the RIPE community to the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship (CRISP) team.

ICANN 51: Continuing Global Discussion of IANA Stewardship and ICANN Accountability

The 51st ICANN meeting was held in Los Angeles, USA, from 11-16 October 2014, with questions surrounding the IANA stewardship transition and the accountability of ICANN driving much of the agenda.

IANA Stewardship: Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal Team

The five Regional Internet Registries today published a process for producing a single proposal from the global IP addressing community to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S Government.

IANA Stewardship: Draft RIPE Proposal Published

An initial working draft of the RIPE community proposal on IANA stewardship has been posted to the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list.

RIR Accountability Questions and Answers

The NRO has published a set of Questions and Answers, addressing some of the key issues of Regional Internet Registry accountability and governance. This follows the publication of the RIR Governance Matrix in September 2014, and the two documents work in combination to provide all Internet stakeholders with a overview of the RIR governance.

RIPE NCC and CENTR Hold Joint Meeting With Governments

The RIPE NCC and CENTR, the European country code top-level domain (TLD) organisation, held a meeting on Wednesday, 1 October 2014, in Brussels, Belgium, for governments and regulators to discuss issues of relevance to both the RIPE and CENTR communities.

RIPE NCC Re-affirms Commitment to Operate K-root Name Server

The RIPE NCC has been providing DNS root name service at since 1997. As the global Internet community considers changes to the NTIA oversight of key DNS functions, the RIPE NCC wishes to assure the Internet community that our commitment to providing this service and to coordinating appropriately with ICANN and the other root server operators will not be affected by the outcome of these discussions.

Update on IANA Stewardship Discussions: ICG Meeting and IETF 90

In recent weeks, two significant community discussions regarding the transition of stewardship of the IANA functions have taken place. The following summaries are provided as feedback to the RIPE community and include links to more detailed reports.

ICANN 50: Talking IANA and Accountability

More than 3,000 people gathered in London last week to participate in the largest ever ICANN meeting. Some of the key issues discussed included the evolution of IANA stewardship arrangements and ICANN's accountability to its many stakeholders.

IANA Oversight Transition Coordination Group: Hartmut Glaser Selected as ASO Representative

Developing a single proposal for future oversight of the IANA functions will require the coordination of many different viewpoints from stakeholders around the world. To facilitate this process, a Coordination Group of 25 representatives from a range of interested stakeholder groups is currently being assembled.