Web asused has been replaced by IP Analyser

Web asused is deprecated and replaced by the IP Analyser.

This page used to offer the web version of the public asused program. Web asused has been deprecated and replaced by the IP Analyser.

This LIR Portal application offers a usage overview of your registry's allocations as registered in the RIPE Database. It displays all allocations and assignments, all available free space as well as all invalid assignments that require your attention.

To access the IP Analyser, you need a RIPE NCC Access account to log into the LIR Portal. In the LIR Portal, you need to be part of the "resources" group to use the application. The LIR Portal administrator in your organisation can set the appropriate permissions for the users. For more information, please read our LIR Administration FAQ.

Data in the IP Analyser is available in a user-friendly web interface, but we also provide JSON and plain text output in asused format through an API. You can read more about this functionality on our developer documentation page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at sw-enhancements _at_ ripe _dot_ net.