How do I let my regular RIPE object-maintainer link INETNUM objects to my IRT object without my involvement?

Include the PGP authentication key of your RIPE object-maintainer in your IRT object. Looking at the irt-CERT-NL object you can see two "auth:" attributes are defined. They contain the authorisation keys used by the SN-LIR-MNT, which is the SURFnet maintainer object responsible for updating SURFnet inetnum objects. There is no security-risk involved: only the maintainer of your IRT object can modify your IRT object. What you do by adding the "auth:" attribute is giving another maintainer the right to link its inetnum objects to your irt object. Please read chapter 5. Authorisation checks of ripe-254, IRT Object in the RIPE Database for a precise definition of the authorisation checks in the IRT object.

irt:          irt-CERT-NL
address: p/a SURFnet bv
address: Postbus 19035
address: 3501 DA Utrecht
phone: +31 30 2305305
fax-no: +31 30 2305329
e-mail: cert-nl _at_ surfnet _dot_ nl
signature: PGPKEY-A6D57ECE
encryption: PGPKEY-A6D57ECE
admin-c: SAM36-RIPE
tech-c: SAM36-RIPE
auth: PGPKEY-834125A1 <--------!first SN-LIR-MNT authorisation key
auth: PGPKEY-3D10C493 <--------!second SN-LIR-MNT authorisation key
remarks: CERT-NL is the Computer Emergency Response Team of SURFnet
remarks: This is a level 2 IRT (
irt-nfy: cert-nl _at_ SURFnet _dot_ nl
notify: info _at_ SURFnet _dot_ nl
notify: tiirt _at_ stelvio _dot_ nl
changed: menno.pieters _at_ stelvio _dot_ nl 20020305
source: RIPE

mntner: SN-LIR-MNT
descr: SURFnet LIR Maintainer
admin-c: SAM36-RIPE
tech-c: SNS1-RIPE
upd-to: info _at_ surfnet _dot_ nl
auth: PGPKEY-3D10C493 <--------!first SN-LIR-MNT authorisation key
auth: PGPKEY-834125A1 <--------!second SN-LIR-MNT authorisation key
notify: info _at_ surfnet _dot_ nl
mnt-by: AS1103-MNT
referral-by: RIPE-DBM-MNT
changed: Peter.Hinrich _at_ SURFnet _dot_ nl 20000128
changed: Peter.Hinrich _at_ SURFnet _dot_ nl 20000725
changed: Wim.Biemolt _at_ SURFnet _dot_ nl 20020211
source: RIPE

descr: Maintainer for Trusted Introducer Accredited CSIRT teams
admin-c: DS660-RIPE
tech-c: MP2890-RIPE
tech-c: GHB1-RIPE
upd-to: tiirt _at_ s-cure _dot_ nl
mnt-nfy: tiirt _at_ s-cure _dot_ nl
auth: PGPKEY-7F74D279
auth: PGPKEY-CD60C417
auth: PGPKEY-7111E05E
notify: ti _at_ s-cure _dot_ nl
referral-by: RIPE-DBM-MNT
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20020219
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20020305
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20021030
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20030122
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20030720
changed: Menno.Pieters _at_ Stelvio _dot_ nl 20030909
source: RIPE


This document was first created by jan.meijer _at_ surfnet _dot_ nl and is used with permission.