About the RIPE Database

The RIPE Database contains registration details of IP addresses and AS numbers originally allocated by the RIPE NCC. It shows the organisations that hold the resources, where the allocations were made, and contact details for the networks. The organisations that hold those resources are responsible for updating their information in the Database. The Database can be searched by using the web interface, or by directing your whois client to whois.ripe.net.

The RIPE Routing Registry is a sub-set of the RIPE Database and holds routing information in RPSL. The RIPE Routing Registry is a part of the Internet Routing Registry, a collection of databases that mirror each other.

Information about domain names in the RIPE Database is there as a convenient reference only; it is not the domain name registry that is run by the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) administrators of Europe and surrounding areas. Please refer to the IANA ccTLD Database for a full list of the ccTLD administrators.